The La Marzocco & Saint Anthony Industries Espresso Machine

The La Marzocco & Saint Anthony Industries Espresso Machine

Black Friday is a day of great commerce, yes, but also of one-of-a-kind deals, newly launched projects, and highly special offers. One such highly special offer comes to us today from La Marzocco Home and Saint Anthony Industries, who’ve collaborated to create a limited edition GS3 home espresso machine and accessories set.

The finished product looks “more at home in hell than it would in heaven,” says La Marzocco Home Director Scott Callender, and we have to agree. This is the first salvo from LM Home’s newly launched Craftsmen Series, a program to showcase talented coffee product designers working from a unique aesthetic perspective. That fits Saint Anthony Industries to a T; the Salt Lake City-based design collective (led by Alpha Dominche inventor Khristian Bombeck) has made a name for themselves by creating a distinctive line of tamps, aprons, and accessories, in addition to their flagship Phoenix brewer, profiled previously on Sprudge.

“It was quite inspiring to be invited into this project,” Bombeck told Sprudge, before describing the machine as “a geometric space craft flying at warp speed playing Danzig through a hi-fidelity stereo.” Yes! Stereo design carries over to the choice of wood—ash, cherry, and walnut—meant to evoke “the warmth and depth of sound that resonates from our old workshop stereo receiver,” as per Bombeck. Brass accents offset the wood’s natural warmth.



And while there’s nothing particularly demonic or hellish about the design—no devil horns, no button that plays “Running With The Devil” on command—we do think it cuts a striking pose. Callender tells us of the design, “I think they ended up creating something that could fit on the workbench of a metal shop or as a signature piece in a high end kitchen.”

The Craftsmen Series collaboration between Saint Anthony and La Marzocco Home includes:

  • A limited edition St. Anthony GS3 espresso machine, featuring cherry, walnut, and ash wood side panels and a multi-wood group cap. The machine has brass fastening nuts, an all-brass steam knob, and a brass end cap on its multi-wood portafilter handle. Wood carved La Marzocco logos accent the side and back of the machine. $8000 USD 


  • Three different tamper options, including a multi-wood design with walnut, cherry, ash, and brass; a walnut tamper with brass; and an ash tamper with brass. All tampers come with the La Marzocco “Lion of Florence” logo etched on top. $139 USD


  • Two different knockbox options, including a blend of walnut, ash, and cherry with brass feet; and an all-walnut unit with brass feet. $99 USD


  • Two different aprons, including dark denim with leather straps and black metal, and a light grey with cloth straps and stainless metal. Denim comes from the historic Cone Denim Mills in North Carolina, and is dyed and cut by hand by Saint Anthony Industries. $110 USD

You can pick up a bundle of these accessories—an apron, tamper, and knockbox—for $339, or pick up the whole dang set (including that devilishly good looking espresso machine) for a cool $8339 retail from La Marzocco Home.

Let’s look at the machine one more time, now with sparks.