La Esmeralda, Jinotega, Nicaragua

La Esmeralda, Jinotega, Nicaragua

La Esmeralda, Jinotega, Nicaragua

Here is a little bit about our new single Origin premium roasted coffee.

Bean Varieties: Caturra & Catuai (approx 50:50)
Cupping Score: 85+
Profile: Medium body, complex acidity with floral and tropical fruit notes

Proyecto UVA is a social and sustainability initiative which supports farmers in the La Esmeralda coffee growing region of Jinotega.

La Esmeralda has the natural advantages of volcanic soil, a growing altitude of 1,200m and a micro climate, which together are near ideal conditions for the production of quality coffee. Proyecto UVA's objective is to improve those natural advantages with technical, educational and environmental assistance to the local farming community, resulting in better yields and higher scoring coffees that fetch better prices for the farmers.


Qualified agronomists provide planting, nutrition and overall farm management instruction. In order to benchmark quality, the focus at harvest is on picking ripe, red cherries, while the introduction of raised drying beds is a major enhancement to the natural drying process.


Environmental practices are geared towards soil conservation, waste water treatment, protection of water sources and reduction in the use of agrochemicals.

Social development activities include the establishment of a minimum wage structure, fair labour conditions and an occupational health & safety charter.

I cannot wait for you to try it , available for delivery and at the roastry.