Review - Orchestrale Nota Coffee Machine

Review - Orchestrale Nota Coffee Machine

Creating cafe style espresso and milk coffee at home can be a fleeting affair.
Whilst buying your first home coffee machine may have empowered you with the thought of saving thousands of dollars and putting the local cafe out of business, the realities are often not so perfect. Noisy machines that wake the house, weak espresso and luke warm milk often lead you back to your barista and leave your new “investment” collecting dust in the corner.

At Espresso Tenango we believe that the Orchestrale Nota can change the way you think about making coffee from home.
The Italian made machine has taken the quality, power and specs of a professional machine and squeezed into a sexy little compact unit.

OK, so why do I need it?

You love good coffee and you know your way around a machine, so let's look at the features.

Rotary Pump - Coffee machines need pressure to push water through tightly packed coffee (9 bars to be exact). The Orchestrale Nota uses a rotary pump instead of a vibratory pump. This equals much longer lifespan, quieter operation and a more consistent and adjustable pressure.

E61 Group Head - Named after the year it was invented, this superior style of head allows for manual control over your temperature instead of a pre-programmed digital device. The preferred option for most larger professional coffee machines.

3L Boiler - With its 3 litre capacity boiler, it’s almost twice as large as all the other single group heat exchangers around. As a result this offers huge steam power, quick recovery and temperature stability.

Reservoir Tank - The Orchestrale Nota offers you the choice of using its optional reservoir tank or plumbing it in to your mains like a pro.

Quality - For the price range, nothing comes close to this machine. The lifespan of a high end similarly priced home machine sits at around 3-4 years, where as the Nota could still be pulling beautiful coffee in 20 years time.

Customisation - Where the fun starts

The Orchestrale Nota is built with customisation in mind. The machine comes in with a stock stainless steel finish, and from there anything is possible.
We have customised a bunch of these machines to customers varied tastes and they are a blast.
Shock timers, levers etc can all be upgraded - we have some beautiful timber add-ons in stock.
Powder coating in any colour to suit your decor and taste.

Geek Specs
E 61 "Levetta" brewing raised group.
Pre-infusion for the best coffee brewing.
Thermosiphonic system.
Frame completely built from satin stainless steel AISI 304.
3 litre Copper boiler and pipes with brass pipe fittings.
Water loading from tank of 2.8 litre with capacitive level detector.
Water loading from water system
Professional sized rotary pump for the coffee extraction
RPM single-phase pump motor
Signal light for working machine
Signal light for low water in tank
Protection thermostat for heating element
Separate boiler pressure and water pressure gauges
easy to adjust boiler pressure switch
1 multi-directional steam wand
1 multidirectional water wand
1 filter holder for 1 cup, 1 filter holder for two cups and 1 blind filter
LED lit back panel

Drop in to our roastery in Ballina if you would like to check out the Orchestrale Nota in person.
Jason can talk about this one till the cows come home, and customising machines like this is his specialty.