Tea Tonic Organic Teas

Tea Tonic Organic Teas

Have you checked your favourite tea lately to see if it’s certified organic?
Chances are, unfortunately it probably isn’t.
Organic farmers must comply with strict standards and it takes 3 years to become an Australian Certified Organic producer, meaning most companies fall short due to high costs or plain old ignorance.

An Australian owned company - Tea Tonic is proudly Certified Organic across most of their huge range of teas.
Formed in 1998 by Naturopath and Herbalist Lisa Hilbert, Tea Tonic are now acknowledged as one of the highest quality tea makers in Australia.
Tea Tonic set out to make a better range of teas, both healthier for the consumer, and less impactful for the environment.

All Tea Tonic products are made with quality as the top priority.
The range includes more than 25 blends, all with distinctive tastes, colours and health benefits.

Tea Tonic blends aren’t based purely around tasting delicious (although we can confirm they do!), Lisa continues to focus the blends around health, wellness and following the philosophy of ‘food as medicine’. This holistic approach has gained a loyal following both here and worldwide.
Tea Tonic blends include freshly milled herbs, fruits and botanicals, packed loosely into colourful tins or sealed into the individually wrapped tea bags, ensuring maximum potency and goodness is delivered in every cup.

Tea Tonic manufactures its all of the 25 blends of tea, as well as its own teabags using unbleached tea bag paper.
Tea Tonic are also the only manufacturer in Australia using unbleached tea bags to ensure a truly organic experience.
 A quick scroll through their Instagram feed or website will reveal how huge and colourful the tea Tonic range is. They have an array of great packaging including nifty loose leaf tins for travel and some awesome gift packs.
From Apple-Tree Tea, Berry-Green Tea and even a tea for coffee addicts, there is truly something for every taste.

Tea Tonic have recently partnered up with Bindi Irwin to develop a signature tea - 'Wild by Nature', combining botanical flowers such as sea lavender, rose buds and butterfly pea. Impress the kids by adding a squeeze of lemon to watch this tea change from blue to purple.

We stock a huge range of Tea Tonic teas, infusers and awesome travel packs at our Tenango HQ. Drop in to grab a perfect little gift for a loved one, or to stock up on some teas to keep you healthy as the winter cold sets in.